Community is a very important part of any project. Without a strong community, projects are unable to grow and thrive. At StaykX we are focused on fostering a strong and positive community of like-minded individuals, brought together by a love of the XRPL and DeFi.

We aim to create a safe space for our community to share opinions and ideas relating to DeFi and the XRPL. Our Discord has a variety of features to help the community engage with the StaykX team and have their say in how the procotol functions.

We have also been running a 24/7 Discord support service for any Staykers having trouble with the platform, this has been a major success and we have helped thousands of Staykers. A big thank-you to our incredibly talented and passionate Technical Support team who have done an amazing job both helping Staykers and also helping to foster community growth.

We also aim to also bring this community into the real world by helping to host XRPL meetup events in Australia. We presented at the first ever Australian XRPL meetup earlier this year, and we are already organizing the details for the next one. These events are a great way for the StaykX team to properly engage with the community, and more formally present all of the ideas and innovation we are working on behind the scenes.

The StaykX team has always been known to be very active and responsive within the community, we are always only a message away in our Official Discord server, or on Twitter. We always love chatting with the community and taking on any ideas/feedback. Evolving as a project and team is what drives us daily, and we know that can only happen by working closely with the community to create a product fit for everyone.

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