Pool Structures

Symmetrical Stayking

Symmetrical Stayking is the most common structure for StaykX token Stayking and involves a Base and Pair token. This allows the user to earn rewards based on the equal XRP value between their 3rd party holdings (base token) and allocated STX (pair token). The vast majority of Token Stayking pools on StaykX will utilise this structure, and this is what we provide to any XRPL project that passes our verification, completely free of charge with no added fees/costs for the projects or users. Depending on what the project chooses/provides, will impact what the Stayking rewards of that pool are; although the pool will almost always be a symmetrical pool using $STX as the pair. This means that $STX will need to be used to Stayk in all new project pools, adding to the long-term use case of the token. All projects onboarded onto the StaykX platform go through a verification process conducted by the StaykX team, in order to assure the community that any new pools on StaykX are from reputable projects.

Single Sided Stayking

Single sided Stayking is a structure that we only offer in specific circumstances. In this structure, there is only a Base token needed, with no pairing necessary. This is a structure type that we only offered to partnered projects, in which StaykX also receives benefits outside the Stayking pool. Currently, StaykX is officially partnered with Xungible and FKM, with a few more in the pipeline.


Whilst this pool began as an IOU Token Stayking pool, it has shifted into an NFToken Stayking pool. This is the core pool on StaykX and is the primary distribution method of daily STX to the community. While in NFToken Stayking form, the symmetrical Stayking mechanism will still be in play but will follow a static weighting, rather than basing it off any current prices. This means if you hold a few OCW and Xblade NFTs, with somewhat equal weighting, you will be earning double the amount of STX daily, compared to singular Stayking one of the NFTs.

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