Stayking FAQ

How much of a token do I need to Stayk it?

Our methodology works on an average over 7 days, so that people who are consistently Stayking are rewarded. We have a minimum requirement that equals the XRP reserve (currently 2XRP), as an average over these 7 days. If you are Stayking on a symmetrical pool, this requirement is doubled, as it is in place for both tokens.

How many tokens will I receive for Stayking? (APY)

Every Token or NFToken Stayking pool on the platform will have an APY that can be used to estimate rewards. Like many other staking platforms, our rewards are based on the size of the pool. Depending on the amount of Staykers and how much they are adding to the pool, you will receive a percentage of the daily rewards. The reward types will be chosen by the projects who onboard through our platform.

When will I receive rewards?

Rewards are distributed daily. As above, ensure you meet the minimum amounts required over the past 7 days. That is 2 XRP worth of Stayked tokens for Single sided pools for a week or 14 XRP worth on the first day, and double for Symmetrical pools.

Do I need to send my tokens to you to Stayk?

No! StaykX will never ask you to send us your tokens. Our Soft-Stayking technology reads your wallet contents, and works with the percentage based allocation for STX you have chosen via the website.

How many StaykX pools can I participate in?

As many as you like! As we build our platform, more options for pools will become available, we will never limit you to a number of pools. However, it might be wise to allocate your STX to pools where you hold the most tokens or NFTs!

How is my STX split between pools?

You have to allocate your STX based on which pools you want to participate in. This is done via our website and requires you to sign a transaction with Xumm. This process is percentage based, so you can set it and forget it!