XLS-20 NFToken Royalty Stayking

Exciting new XLS-20 Stayking feature

One of the key features of our NFToken Stayking functionality is our Royalty Stayking mechanisms. By using our dynamic pool size functionality, projects can have variable daily pool sizes, this also means we can integrate fund-recycling methods such as fees or royalties into a Stayking pool for the project. This means we can offer XRPL Projects a platform to set up a Stayking pool that rewards the NFToken holders on a daily basis with a portion of the royalties the issuer receives from the sales of the NFTokens.

XLS-20 NFToken projects can set up self-sustaining Stayking pools, at no cost to the project, and that does not require the project to provide any sort of funding, nor even have a token. As most NFToken trading will be done using XRP, these royalty rewards for Staykers will primarily be in the XRP token as well.

These types of pools will be a game-changer for NFToken projects, as any XLS-20 project will be able to create a sustainable, daily rewarding mechanisms for their community, without any funding or token necessary, it will also help to promote the trading/holding of NFTokens by incentivising holding the NFTokens to earn rewards, yet the rewards will increase if users begin to sell NFTokens from that collection. This NFToken Stayking pool structure has seen the most interest from 3rd party projects so far, and we anticipate that as more projects utilise it, the interest will grow exponentially. It is the most accessible and sustainable Stayking mechanism we have launched to date.

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