Legal Disclaimer and Risks

StaykX officials feel it is their obligation to inform all current and future STX investors of the accompanying risks involved for users when spending money on blockchain technology. Holding $STX or any other form of tradable asset represents an understanding that while it is possible to see unprecedented gains within these ecosystems, there are considerable risks which can result in uncontrollable losses. These risks include, but are not limited to: Policy risk: Constantly changing political and regulatory trends may lead to significant price volatility. Transaction risk: The behaviour of traders on the secondary market will always have an influence on the price of tradable assets. The volatility attributed to secondary markets for currencies that utilise blockchain technology can drastically affect the value of tradable assets. Technical risk: Blockchain technology is a rapidly developing technological field. With the XRPL in a state of rapid development and growth, this dynamic environment may lead to many unforeseen technological issues, challenges and disruptive trends. All of which may influence the value of tradable assets like $STX and other future StaykX projects. Operational risk: All operations carry inherent risks on a multitude of factors, although the team at StaykX are driven and very capable of achieving their goals, issues within operations need to be considered when evaluating risk. Operational risks may influence the success of the project and/or the value of the operation’s tradable assets. We are very excited to be developing and building out the StaykX ecosystem, however, we expect our community and $STX holders to understand and acknowledge the risks associated with blockchain technology. We hope that buyers will do their own research and in-depth analysis before committing to our project. Please note that all information within this document is subject to change and/or alteration if required, this document is not a guarantee

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