NFToken Stayking Overview

With the release of XLS-20, we are preparing to launch various NFToken Stayking mechanisms for all XRPL projects to use. After successfully launching our Token Stayking 7+ months ago, and working with over 30 different XRPL projects to create Stayking pools for their communities, we are planning on providing our NFToken Stayking services to any XRPL project that wants to create unique daily reward structures for their NFToken holders, with no cost or fees for the projects at all. Once again, users will maintain complete custody and control over their NFTokens whilst Stayking them on StaykX, never leaving the user's Xumm Wallet.
NFToken Stayking will create a whole new world of Stayking opportunities for projects. We aim to integrate various types of NFTs onto the Stayking platform, not just PFP projects. Including gamified NFTs through the likes of The XRPL Gaming Alliance (ForgeX), and Music NFTs through the likes of Astrals Record Label. We believe that creating daily reward mechanisms for any NFT collection can very beneficial and significantly increase the overall value/use-case of the collection. Especially now that projects can launch Royalty Stayking Pools, requiring no funding or token from the NFT project, Stayking pools are more accessible and sustainable than ever.
We have streamlined the setup process, so we can onboard projects consistently and effectively, this is something we have developed through 6+ months of onboarding at least 1 Project/Pool every week. We also plan on onboarding a larger than normal amount of NFToken Stayking pools during the initial couple of weeks of 3rd party NFToken Stayking going live. There are so many amazing projects we can't wait to get started on the platform.

If you're a project that is interested in launching an NFToken Stayking pool, please fill out this form and reach out to us on Twitter! We are always open to chat.