Welcome to StaykX

The First Multi-Token Soft-Stayking Platform on the XRPL

About StaykX

StaykX is the first, multi-token, Soft-Stayking, protocol on the XRPL. Helping XRPL projects to create innovative and unique passive rewarding opportunities for their communities.

StaykX supplies a variety of tools for projects and Stayking opportunities for users, including;


StaykX’s mission is to provide a daily rewarding solution for the entire XRPL. We aim to create a platform where users can earn daily rewards on a variety of their tokens & NFTs. We are working with projects all across the XRPL to provide Stayking solutions for their communities using the StaykX platform and technology. Our goal is to become the go-to Soft-Stayking solution for every XRPL project.


The vision of StaykX is to become the main hub for Stayking tokens & NFTs on the XRPL. We aim to provide a platform for not only XscapeNFT and the OnChain Whales communities to Stayk their tokens, but a variety of communities across the entire XRPL. Staking has proven to be one of the most popular DeFi mechanisms across most other blockchains, we plan on bringing the power of passive daily rewards to the XRPL and provide our Stayking solution to a variety of other XRPL projects who want to provide Stayking opportunities for their communities. We aim to create a user-friendly platform that provides the opportunity for users to maintain full digital asset responsibility whilst earn daily rewards for holding their XRPL tokens & NFTs in a self-custodial wallet. We are a passionate team of XRPL developers & creators, that are striving to build a strong community of like-minded XRPL users, all through the love of Stayking and earning passive daily rewards on the XRPL.

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