Our Team

The StaykX team is very diverse in its skills and experience, with all development being done in-house by the founding team. We pride ourselves in our ability to work efficiently and effectively to continually develop and evolve our products.

Shen Morincome

Hailing from the business side of the music industry, Shen has worked on various blockchain projects over the last 2 years. Experience in marketing, executive relations and DeFi have helped Shen to build up the skills necessary to lead the StaykX project and assist in bringing the community's vision to life. With a very strong passion for blockchain and the XRPL, Shen has devoted all of his time to pushing development and ideas on the XRPL, contributing in advisory/director roles for other XRPL projects as well.

Joshua Theakston

With a formal background in medical sciences studies, Joshua is not new to the idea of working with new in-field innovations. Quickly developing a passion for the technologies behind modern cryptocurrencies, he has consciously developed and honed his skills to build on the XRPL, alongside Liam and Steve. Joshua works closely with Liam and Steve to bring the very best tech StaykX has to offer!

Steve Dodd

Steve has worked in the Information Technology sector for 14 years, supporting clients, software, computer and network hardware. He loves to tinker, create and problem solve. With a passion for gaming, programming, and NFTs, he was approached as the original XRPL dev for Xblades. From there, his drive to learn new skills lead to becoming the full stack dev responsible for linking the front end website to the XRPL and the back end protocol that drives StaykX.

Liam Hepburn

Liam spends a lot of his free time working with creative aspects in his life, developing his skills and knack for visual elements and creative design. Liam is completely self-taught on creative coding and software development. Liam focuses his energy on designing the front end elements for StaykX. Working in close relation with Josh and Steve to present the required information to our users in the best possible experience.

Jordan Gladman

Jordy has worked many years in the Customer Service Industry, which has allowed him to develop Valuable skills when it comes to Communication and Problem-Solving. This skill set has been applied to the XRPL and StaykX when it comes to the Social Media Image and the Growth of the Community around Us. From Managing a Support Team for Investors to Drawing up Marketing Campaigns for Developmental Launches, Jordy will give his all into ensuring everyone is well-informed and respected.

Daniel Byers

Daniel has a worked professionally in the accounting industry for the last 6 years, developing a strong sense of business operations and financials. While the rest of the team are focused solely on the perfect experience for our users at StaykX, he will be responsible for keeping financial management of the business on track. He's not just a numbers guy though, he has a strong passion for Artwork and Gaming.

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